January 23, 2014


“…to slip beneath the surface and soar along the silent bottom of the sea agile and shining in water honeycombed with light.” ~ Ellen Meloy

Since as young as I can remember I’ve been a lover of the water. And then pretty much the day I saw Daryl Hannah in Splash was the day my mermaid obsession began. So when the amazing Seagypsea asked if I wanted to be one for the day, I jumped at the chance. How incredible to style and model a photoshoot underwater! It’s an entirely different world, no controlling the elements, just flowing with the water. It was the most fun, the most challenging, and the most exhilarating time I’ve had on a photoshoot! Despite the cold factor, and that the water has a mind of it’s own, I was in complete awe of this art form. Watching Pip from Seagypsea create her magic was just incredible. And the beautiful Telisa from Hint of Henna was my mermaid on land during the shoot, giving me plenty of inspiration and laughs in between breaths. She’s also the talent behind the innovative sand henna featured in this photoshoot. Two absolutely beautiful, down to earth, humble, talented women that I am so grateful to have shared this experience with. It was such an honour for me, and to then see the amazing images that Seagypsea created, I am just obsessed. So much so that I decided to interview this babe and let you all share in the magic that is Seagypsea…..

How did your passion for underwater photography evolve?
My love of the water began at a young age, I remember spending hours in and on the water as my parents had me diving by the age of 8 back home in NZ. I always loved chasing things in the water and trying to follow them and take their photo, I remember spending hours and hours in freezing cold water just totally lost in amazement at what I was chasing. As I grew older I became a scuba instructor and travelled the south pacific teaching diving and working in dive resorts, part of my role as an instructor or guide was to often take photos of divers and marine life. I guess I cant put an exact stamp on when my passion for underwater photography evolved, I really believe it has been more of a journey for me and to be able to capture the elements of water and express it through a creative form of art is something that i just absolutely love.
What do you love most about taking photos underwater?
I love the challenge and the freedom to be creative! Being submerged underwater I lose the ability to talk and direct the models and/or subjects so it requires alot of patience and draws on my experience of how things work under the water. I love the freedom as a photographer to capture moments that are truely ethereal and capture an image that really expresses the essence of my medium through a form of art. No two images will ever be the same as there are so many elements working against each other underwater but that is what I love!
What is your dream for Seagypseaa?
My dream for Seagypsea is to share with the world a unique and creative form of art. There is something soothing about underwater images, a sense of calmness, purity and simplicity. I would absolutely love to capture images that make people stop and think, that make people breathe and that allow people to wander into a semi day dream when they look at the images.
5 words to describe you?
Creative / Adventurous / Perspective / Aquaholic / Spontaneous
Are you really a mermaid? haha! Had to add that one in as I truly think you are!!! ;)
Id love to think I am a mermaid!!I have been known to attempt staying underwater as long as I can hoping I will magically turn into a mermaid! I always wish I could stay down longer under the water on a shoot! I’ve always wanted to get gills tattooed on my ribs… maybe thats taking it a bit far?? :) but needless to say… i think really am!!

And yes I now believe she really is!!! Or the closest thing to a mermaid I have ever seen or met. How inspiring is this beautiful woman! I love seeing people follow their passions in their life. This mermaid deeply loves what she does, and has limitless visions of taking Seagypsea as far as she can…to the depths of the oceans indeed. Along with underwater fashion photography she also captures ethereal underwater magic for children, expecting mothers and portraiture. Check out her gallery here and be inspired beyond belief!

Here’s to following your dreams and all that you love. Never allow another or even yourself to dim the light within. When we allow our light to shine brightly, it inspires others to do the same, freeing us to enjoy life and all the beauty, love, joy and richness it has to offer.

With love and gratitude xx

Photographer ~ Seagypsea | Instagram | Facebook  | Check out Pip Summerville from Seagypsea at Raw Artists 31st January 2014

Henna artist ~ Hint of Henna

Model/Styling ~ Helen Janneson Bense

Outfit Details

Custom Shell Headpiece ~ Wild and Free Jewelry (one piece worn as a necklace)

Necklaces/Bracelets ~ Roadtrip Jewellery

Handpiece/Ring ~ Wild Heart Jewellery

Barefoot crochet sandals ~ Aqua Blanca Swimwear

Dress ~ Jens Pirate Booty

Shorts ~ Volcom

And here are some fun behind the scenes photos and a very beautiful video created by Telisa from Hint of Henna xx

IMG_4043 IMG_4050 IMG_4062 IMG_4057 1603718_10151802185566400_819192488_o 1546602_10151802185581400_1558055592_o 1552140_10151802212326400_56720564_o IMG_4096 1556615_10151802294621400_998985830_o IMG_4133IMG_4138 IMG_4136

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