My Private Oasis

November 29, 2018

Photography/Editing/ModelHelen Janneson Bense

LocationFuji Island, Fiji

CamerasFuji Film XT3 | Waterproof camera XP130

Outfit Details

Rococo Sand Off Shoulder Dress

Poupette St Barth Giselle Broderie Mini Skirt | Crochet Crop

Jewelry – Anna Beck Multi-bar Charm + Delicate Satellite Chain Double NecklaceHematite/Blue Sapphire Ring | Multi Stone Ring | Hematite/Blue Sapphire Bracelet | Hematite/Blue Sapphire Open Cuff

AccessoriesCocobelle Shoes, Belt + Bag – releasing soon | Boater Sun Hat

Only in my wildest dreams could I have imagined staying on my own private island. Thanks to Fuji film, it’s now possible to book a stay at this perfect island oasis. Every single corner of this island is waiting to be explored; a creative playground for those who love photography. You will be non stop snapping in this inspirational space.

From the moment I stepped off the boat my beautiful staff greeted me in traditional Fijian song, with a refreshing coconut drink, and the warm smiling faces that I would soon come to realise is a part of who they are. Every encounter I heard ‘Bula Bula’ with a smile that radiated straight from their hearts. Bula literally means ‘Life’ and is used to say ‘Hello’, though it feels like so much more than a hello. It feels like they are giving you good vibes and wishing you the best at the same time.

As I settled into my private villa and took in the million shades of blue from my infinity pool, I felt the serenity wash over me. I was on a solo trip, just me, on a private island. And though I had a team of staff to take care of my every need, I definitely felt the privacy I was craving. Many of you know I was unwell a couple of months ago, with a terrible flu that led me to hospital. I experienced some post viral fatigue and I had to stop blogging for awhile. This time away on my own was exactly what I needed to restore. Not only does traveling solo rejuvenate me, it empowers me. I build confidence as I govern my own path, facing my fears and uncertainties. I’ve come home stronger, clearer and feeling so full of vitality.

One of the many perks while I was at Fuji island was playing with Fuji’s new Mirrorless XT3 camera, along with their waterproof XP130 camera. I was really impressed with the XT3 image resolution whilst achieving low noise, and it’s super fast and accurate autofocus. And you’ll be blown away by the quality of video it captures. It’s the first mirrorless camera in the world to deliver such outstanding results. When you visit the island there will be a whole suite of Fuji film equipment, including these new cameras, just waiting for you, along with staff to help you capture your favourite moments to share. If you have ever dreamt of being a luxury travel blogger, this is a fantastic spot to capture some unique and otherworldly moments. The sunsets and sunrises paint the sky with their vibrant colour, while the ocean view forms a blend of azure and turquoise with the changing tides.

While you’re here you’ll have your own boat and captain to take you on snorkelling trips to explore the neighbouring islands. We did a quick drive by Castaway island where they filmed the classic Tom Hanks film. It was such a treat to see this as I love that movie! Wilson! lol ;) I had a wonderful snorkel and saw some beautiful, healthy coral and so many tropical fish. The colour and clarity of the water was probably one of the best I’ve experienced. I’m definitely planning another trip back to Fiji with the family! The island was well equipped with stand up paddles boards, kayaks and your very own hammocks. It’s so lovely to relax under a palm tree with those crystal clear lagoon views.

When I wasn’t mermaiding in the ocean, or lounging by the pool, I was eating. And wow! I don’t say this lightly, but I had the best meal of my life here. No joke! The chef knows what he is doing! He surprised me with each and every meal. I only mentioned to him my plant based dietary requirements and let him create what he does best. And OMG! I want his recipes! The vegetables were so fresh and the flavours so on point. I will always be dreaming of his incredible world class cuisine and would gladly go back just for this.

So now it’s time to pack your bags, book your flight and head on over to Fuji Island. Seriously though, it’s in my top 3 best places I’ve ever stayed and I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed at all. Everything is included with your stay; use of the entire island, your 5 star luxurious villa, gourmet food, a huge range of cocktails + wine, daily use of the long boat with captain for island hopping/snorkelling, water sports, and all the fuji film equipment to capture your most cherished moments. For now the island is only available to book until December 7th so be quick! And have an awesome time!

Much love and gratitude xx

All text and images copyright © Helen Janneson Bense 2020

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