January 21, 2014

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“Everything you can imagine is real” ~ Pablo Picasso

This was one of the major highlights of my recent summer holiday adventures. I was so blessed to have my beautiful and talented big sister, Reija, from Studio R, photograph me for my blog. My dearest sister lives in Santa Cruz, and when we had the chance to meet up for a family reunion over Christmas, it was also a wonderful opportunity for us to create some magic together. We always have such fun when we shoot and I only wish we could do it more often. It was truly an honour for me, she’s immensely skilled with the camera, with a creative eye and soul to match.

Our family get together was in the gorgeous coastal holiday town of Mallacoota, in rural Victoria. This photoshoot was at a quiet and magical beach with boulders and caves and so much to explore. It was the perfect playground for us!

The styling in this shoot was inspired by my inner child’s dream world. I felt so blessed to wear this gorgeous Ixiah Xara Maxi dress, that I could totally see as a bridal gown for a beach style wedding. I paired this amazing dress with a breathtaking headpiece from Grace Bijoux. Channeling my inner boho princess, I was reminded of the empress from The Never-ending Story. This was actually the very first movie I ever watched on a video player! As a child I fantasised about entering the world of Fantasia and becoming the empress. I have been obsessing over her headpiece for years!!! And so it was, on this day, in these mystical surrounds, adorned in magnificent treasures, I was as close to Fantasia as I could have imagined. On every shoot I allow my imagination to wander, to drift as I become mesmerised by the energy around and within me. I’m taken over in a sense by all the beauty and I allow it to channel through me and out into the photos. The second style had a little more of a sophisticated, yet relaxed feel. My energy was more extroverted, more playful, as I leisurely strolled across the beach. I envisioned myself as a movie star, vacationing in the Hampton’s as I walked along the beach.. haha!! ;) As I climbed the boulder and looked out to sea, it was as though I was on top of the world. It was my everest for that moment where anything I imagined was within reach.

What fun it is to pretend and play make believe. No wonder kids are always smiling and laughing. I hope to still be playing dress ups even when I’m a great grandmother!

Let your imagination take you to whatever world or fantasy you have. Never squander or judge it. Allow it space to breathe as you allow the joy in your heart to open and the creative process can begin.

With love and gratitude xx

Model/Styling ~ Helen Janneson Bense

Photographer ~ Studio R Santa Cruz  Facebook Instagram Blog Twitter Yelp

Location ~ Secret Beach, Mallacoota, VIC, Australia

Outfit 1

Xara Maxi dress ~ Ixiah

Cressida headpiece ~ Grace Bijoux

Necklaces ~ Heather Gardner, Anna Beck

Rings ~ Anna Beck, Cleopatra’s Bling

Outfit 2

Xara Maxi dress and belt ~ Ixiah

Kim White calf ~ Diavolina

Summer Fedora ~ Seed Heritage

Jewellery ~ Anna Beck

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