About Me

“I’m filled with unconditional compassion and a loving light and that shines right from my heart to yours”

Welcome to my travel, style and wellness blog; a loving, healing space to connect and inspire. A place for the magic makers, the dreamers, the wild at heart, to all those who long to express their inner worlds through creativity and love.

My blog is a co-creation with my wonderful husband/photographer Bobby Bense. We travel the world, and our own backyard, with our two children, capturing nature and creating beautiful imagery to inspire others to care for our earth and discover the life of their dreams. 

We are a Finnish – Australian – American family, living our dream of a beach lifestyle, in the sunshine filled paradise of Western Australia. 

We are passionate about sustainability, living a plant based lifestyle, health and wellbeing. We love luxury travel, sharing the best hotels and accommodations, along with the simple moments at home with our family – stargazing, sunset swims, beach picnics and wildlife encounters. My family is my number one greatest achievement in my life. Time and experiences with them is what I love and cherish most.

Prior to the emergence of of my blog, I spent more than 15 years of my life working as a biomedical naturopath and healer. I specialised in the area of nutrigenomics, working worldwide with children with autism spectrum disorders. After a successful and rewarding career, and a much needed break, I decided to journey back to my creative roots. Leaping heart first into the realm of style and travel, I embarked upon one of the most healing journey’s of my life. Creating this blog has been continually transforming and evolving as I grow and dream bigger and wilder.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me at the beach. I stand up paddle board regularly for exercise and I love to snorkel, exploring the magic of the underwater world. I play classical guitar and love to play music together with my children. I love to cook and create new recipes. I’m plant based going on 5 years now and I deeply love and cherish all animals. 

I will always choose experiences over things. Sunsets over TV. Nature over indoors. Beach picnics over restaurants. Family time over anything. I’m married to the most incredible man who I love whole heartedly. Each day I count my blessings for my family and cherish every moment of this love.

To learn a little more about my journey prior to my blog, how I rediscovered my passions, and most importantly self love, READ HERE

With love, light and gratitude,

Helen  xx

© All images and text Helen Janneson Bense 2022


  • Brielle


    I just started to revamp my blog and Instagram and
    came across yours. I am so inpired by your work!
    Do you ship to the US? I don’t have much followers yet
    but I really want to showcase your jewelry and flash tattoos.

    Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s amazing.

    Thank you,
    Brielle Loiodice

    • gypsylovinlight

      Thanks so much lovely! Yes we do ship to US :) Keep shining your beautiful light! Lots of love xxxx

  • Jen

    I love what you have written about your journey and that you have found your passion. It truly shows as you have amazing pieces that you have created and shared. I would love to carry some of your pieces. I see that many of them eminate love, light and purpose. Keep shining your light Ms. Lightworker :0)

  • Lisa

    I adore your style! Where can I find the belt you are wearing on the cover here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AW10HMqCy_PI-rcYu2E93QYVBq_hxw0y_Z51AC_qjtl-fPTOmsRg1do/

    I am looking for a fabulous belt for my wedding dress. Can you recommend any others?

  • Emory

    Very shortly this web site will be famous amid all blogging and site-building users,
    due to it’s good posts

  • robin allen

    I likeyour site went to see more

  • Lauren

    Hi, photos are beautiful. What lens do you use?

  • Danielle martylewski

    Hi! Trying to order the natural royston turquoise ring on your website – it won’t allow once it gets to shipping method can you please help? Id love to purchase this ring! :-)

  • Bernhard Jung

    Your merchandise partieulary the jewellery offered via your Website on Gypsylovinglight.com is very appealing to me. I am private Person interested in Setting up a Business
    wondering if it is possible to buy Merchandise from you wholesale and for me to subsequently sell it in Germany. does your Company have provisons
    foour such a buissnes model? I would greatly appreciate your Feedback.
    Best regards Bernhard Jung.

  • Virginia snyder

    I want to know how to bye it?

  • Claire

    I absolutely love the blue swimsuit listed under cosmic love. It has beautiful jewelry and a straw-ish hat laird with it. It would be perfect for my honey moon. Where could I purchase it?

  • Emily

    Hi! I love your blog and your message so much, hits very close to home! I am wondering where the bathing suits that your models are wearing are from? They are stunning.

    Much love-

  • Johanna

    I love the clothes.????

  • Rachael

    Hi I found your blog on Pinterest and I was going through your photos and fell absolutely in love with the purple multi colored medallion kimono with the fringe along the bottom and I would love to know where I can buy one! I’ve searched online everywhere! Please let me know! Love your style!!

  • Laura

    Hi! I love your Instagram profile, it’s so inspiring. Do you also ship to Italy?
    Thank you x

  • Helen Janesson Bense, Inspirational Fashion Blogger | PersoCat

    […] “My blog was born naturally when my creative spark was returned . The need for a platform that could express my passion is piling up in me when my children started to go to school “- says Helen for blog GypsyLovinLight. […]

  • Stephanie


    I am in love with the smart blue Bikini.
    But i dont found this Bikini anywere :/
    Do you send to Germany?

    Lovely Greets Namaste :)

  • kimberly chete

    You are truly inspiring to me. You remind me of the precious moments in my own journey when living for love, doing what i love and feeling so awestruck at the power of love in my life.
    It feels like a lifetime ago now. A major trauma that continues to carry me to this day into sounds of darkness i never wished to hear has all but consumed me. I am not exactly sure what happened. I still wonder what a man did to me shen he broke into my house, drugged me, cut my right ear open and inserted some devices in my body that make me hear sounds of people who are very cruel and say “we enjoy watching you suffer” everyday of my life for almost 15 years. I believe it is electronically driven as the man who did this owns a microwave wireless service company and it is his voice i hear. My life is so precious to me and i long to have my beautiful mind restored to me so that I can create my own beautiful life as an artist with amazing God given gifts in art and music… without being permeated by these voices that come to me as real people who monitor me and use what i love the most to serve as a means of tormenting me. I know for certain it isn’t coming from me!! I pray every day for healing and I feel like a miracle for having survived this for so long. I am so glad to have found your blog that has helped me remember the true, authentic ME that I was before this attack on my everything. I wish for endless blessings for you and your family, i love your style and have an affinity for all things gypsy related and creatively driven. Please whisper a prayer for me. My name is Kimberly, it means “full of grace”, and I am truly a miracle, saved by grace, believing that miracles are coming to rescue me, even as we are communicating here. In Light and Love, Kim

  • Luiza Cruz


    I just bought 2 necklaces online on your website.
    But when I received the confirmation via email, I noticed that the Postcode was mistaken.
    How should I proceed?

    Transaction Number: #190278573

    Thank you very much

  • Evelyn Johnson

    I just ordered a necklace and I want standard shipping, not express. I can’t pull the order up. Please help. Evelyn Johnson

  • Cr

    I’m Laetitia, i live in reunion Island (franch Island , near mauritius/in indian ocean). I love your blog, And jewelery. (Excuse for my english….:-()
    I’m interesting to buy your products to sale in reunion island. What do you think that?


  • Amanda Byrne

    Hi there,
    A bit random but I think I saw you and your beautiful family at dinner two weeks ago, in Hillarys.
    If it wasn’t you, then it was definitely your doppelgänger! (I noticed your hair, I’m a hairdresser) but I was obviously supposed to notice you because it made me come back into your site and have a proper look through everything, it’s gorgeous! And then to read your story, it was super inspiring and a breath of fresh air at this point in my life when I’m trying to find my own creativity again! So I guess I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story!!
    Peace and light xxxx

  • Ashley


    I made an order today and was wondering how long it would take to arrive. Do you express post and where from?

  • Norma Cerrizuela

    Hola me gustaría tener el patrón del saco color nude por favor . Hermosa las cosas que hacen . Saludos desde Argentina



    I am Swedish but living in Spain nowadays…

    Thank you for sharing your story and pictures.

    I found so many beautiful things I would like to buy.

    How do I do that? I order from you or how does it work?

    For example. This bikini: Were can I find this one?

    And also a few dresses I saw among your pictures.

    Many thanks and love.
    Will be waiting fro your answer.

  • Eric Lowther

    This is the most beautiful website I’ve ever seen! Although I’m a native of the state of West Virginia, I grew up in the Daytona Beach area, and am still the quintessential, hedonistic beach bum. I love your beach photos!
    ~ Eric

  • Mo

    I am soooo warmly touched by all your impressive pictures.
    While lying in bed with fever in cold rainy germany, you took me on a journey to the loveliest places.

    Feeling much better now and my heart is full of joy!

    You are still a healer ;)

  • Lizzy

    Hello! Ordered last week. Just checking the status of my order. -lizzy

  • Bianca

    Hi helen
    I’m also in perth (hillarys) and am loving the Gold warrior necklace. Could I do a pick up or have a shop I could come on Thursday to check it out? I fly to Bali Sunday so need it asap

    Kindest regards

  • Andrea McKay

    Hi Helen,
    Wow, I love it all! But do you ship to USA? And if so, how long does it take for the arrival of my package? I would to have it by July 22nd, 2017. There is an event I would be attending.
    I will await your reply.


    Cuanto tiempo tarda para llegar un pedido de joya en España?
    Muchas gracias

  • Vicki cagle

    Awesome stuff I’m ready to shop do you have catalogs

  • Detouillon

    Je suis intéressé par plusieurs produits que vous presentez mais plus en stock
    Allez-vous reproduire ou fini?
    Par exemple j’aurai voulu commander nishka anklet silver et chain leg silver?
    Pouvez vous m’informer?
    Bien a vous

  • Karmic Spirits

    Absolutely love your blog and style!

  • Inspiration… – Jamaicanmecrazy

    […] 2018 in trying to be more open to new ideas instead of only thinking in black and white. Finally, https://gypsylovinlight.com/about/ further reinforced the importance of having a minimalist theme as it seems to work extremely well […]

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