Golden Angel

January 9, 2014

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So gently she moves with life’s breath and rhythm

Breathing in, breathing out

Her all encompassing wings expanding with each breath

Taking pause in those in between moments

Ever so slowly and mindfully contracting her wings 

Each turn bringing forth a greater unfurling

One of my great passions, and quite the honour for me, is to share and wear consciously made clothing and jewellery. Handmade pieces, local, sustainable, eco friendly, anything made with heart that calls to my soul. I also really love supporting small businesses, that I hope will one day become bigger businesses. Lisa’s Closet is one of those amazing creators that endlessly inspires me with her artistic direction and connection to the divine. When I received my package I was just flawed. It arrived in the most amazing box with so many thought out details (pictures below). It was all just so wonderful, and then I opened the box to discover the most awe inspiring silk kimono and crochet shorts inside. The first thing I saw was the angel wings painted on the back. It seriously took my breath away. These wings are hand drawn, waxed, and painted in accordance with traditional batik practices…it truly is a labour of love.

This was by far one of my favourite photoshoots to date. Something about being on holidays, on an isolated beach, wearing luxurious and high vibrational clothing. The loving energy carried within these hand made garments opened our hearts, and brought out the playful side in both my husband and I. At one point, as I stood within the cave connected to the divine, it was as though I could feel the presence of Arch Angel Gabrielle. I slowed my breath, and each moment felt like an eternity. I watched in awe as water moved through the caves, in and out, and I pondered upon that lingering space between the peaks and the valleys…the in breath and the out breath. It was a moment of utter bliss. I was beaming for the entire day and it was as though we had both been touched by an angel. From our hearts a golden light shone ever so brightly outwards to the stars.

And since this is my first post of 2014 I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! May you all discover the magnificence that resides within each of you….and feel such an abundance of love that it ovewhelms your heart with so much joy it could burst.

So much love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Arch Angel Gabrielle Kimono in Golden Goddess, Crochet Shorts ~ Lisa’s Closet

Ainu necklace ~ Seawolf

Triple moonstone ring ~ St. Eve Jewelry

Rings ~ Anna Beck, Spell Designs, Sunahara, Children of Flowers


Photography – Bobby Bense

Model/Styling – Helen Janneson Bense

Loaction – Secret Beach, Mallacoota, Australia



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