Dancing in the Light

August 25, 2014

“The dance between darkness and light will always remain – the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.”  C. Joybell. C

Some days the ocean and sand sparkle like the stars in the night sky and remind me that everywhere I look I can see the beautiful balance of nature. The sparkling light of the stars against the black of night, the sun shining through the deep abyss, illuminating our path. Sometimes I have to look harder, especially when the dark veil is heavy. Though it’s in these times, when I can see the sparkling light, I always know, without a doubt, that there is a way home to the heart.

Always remember that no matter what the conditions of your life are right now, there is always something to be thankful for, a sparkling light, a glimmer of hope, something wonderful amongst all the pain and turmoil. The more we focus on the beauty and the light, the brighter it becomes, and your reality will reflect that.

This beautiful sunset I danced upon the starry sands in gratitude for all that I have. The air in my lungs, the gravity that holds me to this earth, the cherished love in my life and each heartbeat that fills me with love. Life is magnificent!

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

PhotographerBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach, Western Australia

Outfit Details

Lace Dress


Flash Tattoos + Ethiopian Cross NecklaceChild of Wild

Rings (Athena + Nani + Luna midi + Luna + Strong midi + Shield + Bracelet/Cuff Aloha Gaia

Rings – Seawolf | Free People




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