Rainbow Chaser

July 26, 2014

In our little family of 4 we are all pretty much obsessed with natural phenomena. Whenever we are driving about, we are always on the hunt for rainbows, full moons, sunsets and glimpses of the ocean. Wherever we are we will stop in our tracks and take a moment’s pause as we all enjoy the beauty. Winter in Perth is pretty amazing. There are so many sun showers and rainbows pop up almost daily. This week alone I’ve seen at least one every day and it always makes me smile. Just yesterday as I was crawling along in freeway traffic I spotted a rainbow streaming through the cars ahead…I was captivated and so happy to be stuck in traffic so I could have the chance to thoroughly enjoy it.

Here are some photos from a few weeks ago from the beach. I managed to salvage these from my iPhone post computer crash. The resolution is not so great, but I wanted to share them nonetheless as it was such a magical day. I was chasing rainbows and dodging sun showers and basically having a whole lot of fun :) It was so warm and mild and I was filled with absolute joy.

Sending some rainbow magic your way and I hope your days are filled with beauty and joy.

Love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Photography/Model/Styling – Helen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Top | Strappy back bra | Kimono | Belt | Shorts | Boots | Hat

Cuffs – Embella Jewellery + similar

Rings – Embella turquoise ring | Child of Wild Turkish Shah Dhar ring | Tribal Sun ring | Elephant ring | Om ring | midi rings


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