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Finding Peace

May 27, 2015

PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Circle of Life Necklace | Bliss Charm Belt | Global Anklets | Forever ClutchDa-sh & Dol

Rings – Violet Gray – Gently Powerful Chrysocolla | Connected Creation | Poatri Cassiopeia | Aloha Gaia – Air/Earth Midi | Nani Midi | Luna Midi | Midsummer Star Double Moon

Poatri Hydrus Arm Cuff 

Cuffs – Violet Gray – The Bringer of Life | Aloha Gaia Luna (Labradorite)

Dakota Flash Tattoos + Desert Dweller Flash Tattoos

Drifting Away Skirt – Her Empire

Costa Fate Crop Top – Sum Leta

Black Alaska Hat – Ace of Something

Nails (Transcend) – Willow Byron Bay – Use discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout


When the stress of life seems to build and form into one giant Mavericks size wave and you feel as though you can barely stay afloat, remember to breathe, remember your family and friends, remember those who fill your heart with love and joy. Take a moment to completely stop, breathe in deeply, find that still point in between the breath, and feel your centre return. Focus your attention on all the blessings in your life and your stressful perspective will begin to melt away into peace. Feel yourself rocking and rolling with those huge waves, riding them with grace, not letting anything knock you down. Life is ours for the creating. Treat it like a precious piece of art and with each stroke paint it with love and gratitude for the amazing being that you are.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

We are all Magic

May 19, 2015


PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach


Outfit Details

New Age Dress – Faithfull the Brand

Child of Wild Desert Dweller Flash Tattoos

Hat – Ace of Something

Rings – By Jasmin via Bali Platform – Wave | Eye | Bahagia – Totem | Kasané – Eye | Stacked | CZ midi

Bracelets – By Jasmin via Bali Platform – Carpe Diem | Wanderlust | Palm Cuff | Palm Bracelet


“Open your heart to the magic all around you, to the magic that you are”

Imagine yourself sitting on a warm soft cushion of silky sand, the salty ocean gently misting you, the sky blazoned in fiery red, sunburnt orange and soft peach, the water glistening with iridescence as though it’s been sprinkled with glitter, reflecting and refracting the light of the heavens. Each breath fills you with gratitude for the gifts of the moment. You allow your mind to let go of all your worries, you feel your heart expand and fill with gratitude, with love, with joy. You feel the expansion, as though there are no boundaries between you and the very ground you sit upon. You know we are all one. One heart, one beat, one being. You open your eyes and realise the magic was there all along. You just needed to refresh your focus and now all you see is magic. It’s everywhere you look and it’s YOU too.

We are all magic. Remember this on those darker days. You were born magical and that never goes away…sometimes we just need reminding.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


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