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One of a Kind

November 28, 2013

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Embrace your weird, your unique ways, all the imperfect perfection that makes you who you are. You are all magnificent souls, one of a kind.

This has to be one of my favourite outfit posts, as I had the chance to wear a whole lot of one off pieces. My treasured elephant tee that I picked up from Crossroads Trading Co. on my last vintage shopping spree in Santa Cruz. My amazing worldly jewels from Child of Wild, with their history and stories. The beautiful one of a kind belt and clutch from Rossio Roos. I could stare at the intricate designs on these pieces forever. So much texture and colour, and patterns to inspire. Many of my rings were collected from flea markets and antique stores on my travels. I get such a kick out of stacking them all together to create something entirely new and unique each time I finish off an outfit.

It was a truly beautiful afternoon of changing light and changing moods. As the beach cooled and afternoon became evening, I layered my outfit with an awe inspiring kimono from Spell Designs. A favourite Byron bay based brand of mine, producing conscious clothing/jewelry with so much soul.

Here’s to having the courage to authentically and openly share who we are with the world, in whatever way, shape or form that may manifest. To allow ourselves to simply be, to replace judgement and fear with love and acceptance. Our experience of the world will surely blossom in the most beautiful of ways.

So much love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Belt/Clutch ~ Rossio Roos

Antayla Coin Collar, Moon Lovers Bracelet ~ Child of Wild

Rings ~ SunaharA, Vintage

Elephant tee ~ Crossroads Trading Co.

Thunderbird Cuff ~ Alushia Sanchia

Indian Summer Tassel Kimono, Dreamweaver bag ~ Spell Designs

Cosmopolitan X Bonita shorts ~ One Teaspoon

Boots ~ Mollini

Summer Fedora ~ Seed Heritage

Photography – Bobby Bense, Helen Janneson Bense

Stylist/Model/Creative Direction – Helen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach, WA, Australia


November 24, 2013

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“I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.” ~ Albert Einstein

My path in life is changing so much right now. Due to my recent illness, my naturopathic work has sadly come to an end, well at least for now, and I’m embarking on a deeper journey of self discovery and healing. Letting go of those roles that we use to define who we are is not always easy. Though, as we free ourselves from the confines of roles and labels, we can really begin to see ourselves for who we really are. It also opens up the path for renewal, rebirth and infinite possibilities that run as wild as one’s imagination. I’ve started to feel feather light and free these past few days. The heavy weight that has been compressing my spine has eased and a weightless, floating sensation has taken it’s place. The more I take care of myself, and attend to my needs, the louder the message of love is that resonates through my being. I’ve found my creativity surges during these high vibrational states. I start seeing everything with new eyes. I see myself with new eyes. And I see my wardrobe with new eyes. A dress becomes a skirt, a headband becomes an armlet or hat band, a bracelet becomes an anklet, a necklace becomes a headpiece and so on. Nothing is as it appeared before. Everything seems more fluid and flexible, changeable, with unlimited possibilities before me. I am embarking on a time of deep healing and regeneration, of renewal. I am so excited about what lays before me, and most importantly what is here right now.

I’m so happy to share these photos with you. Some beautiful creations from these amazing creators Nature Bound, Heart Majestic, The Feather Junkie, Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery, Spell Designs and Kivari. These beautiful designers, full of imagination and love for their craft, endlessly inspire me with their magical adornments. When I create an outfit, it is a transformative process for me, it is my form of alchemy. Each piece is treasured as it brings the whole together.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Pheasant Fusion Headband (worn as an armband and hatband) ~ Nature Bound

Omni Head Wrap (worn as a bracelet) ~ Heart Majestic

Distant Lover Maxi Dress (this dress can be easily folded down and worn as skirt) ~ Kivari

Put the Lime in the Coconut feather earrings and Lola feather earrings ~ The Feather Junkie

Luna Shell Bracelet ~ Penny For Your Thoughts Jewellery

Rings ~ Hunter Gatherer Jewellery, Cleopatra’s Bling, Spell Designs, Child of Flowers

Cowrie Shell Bralette, Rings, Cuff, Bag ~ Spell Designs

Little Hippie Hat ~ Fallen Broken Street


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