Tropical Dreams

April 1, 2014

IMG_5576 IMG_5745IMG_5756 IMG_5753 Coconuts, white wash, silky kimonos, bare feet in the sand, dripping in shells and crochet :)

We are so quickly moving into fall here and I can feel the very last breath of summer coming to its end. I’m already dreaming of a tropical mid winter getaway….. and I have my outfit totally sorted! haha!

These photos were taken only a couple of weeks ago, when the sun was still sharply piercing it’s heat upon my skin. I took my lovely Jar Body Scrub to the beach with me so I could shed some layers and invigorate my body and soul. It’s actually the perfect time of year to start up some body scrubbing, if you don’t already do this as part of your health and beauty routine. Improving lymph flow via scrubbing keeps your immune system in top form, not to mention your skin luminous and soft. A simple and nurturing way to stay healthy over the winter months, when your skin has an increased tendency to dry out. Feels so good to take care of yourself.

I hope you enjoy this tropical inspiration post and it brings you visions of an island paradise of coconut palms, turquoise waters, hot sun and long stretches of white sand.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Kimono ~ Loveleigh designs

Festival Fringe shorts ~ Sumika

Under the sea headdress (worn around neck) ~ Wild and Free Jewelry

Shell necklaces ~ Navajo and the Runaway Stray, Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery, Wild and Free Jewelry Shell strands

Bracelets ~ Sunahara bangles, Penny for your thoughts Luna bracelet

Rings ~ Sunahara turquoise wrap ring, Urban Gypsy Designs Eagle ring, Mermaid by Hand turquoise ring and Wave ring, Sunahara Malibu Palm chain ring, Sunahara mid knuckle ring, Dogeared Charmed Arrow ring, Nikdreamer Crescent moon ring, Elephant ring (similar)

Ocean Spiral Bracelet worn as anklet ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

Samoa Body scrub ~ Jar Body Scrub

Cowrie shell bralette ~ Spell Designs

Panama hat

Don’t hide your insecurities under big clothes! We have compiled 12 simple ways to slim down in summer, and feel good inside and out…

What’s not to love about summer? It’s the season of relaxing vacations and outdoor activities. You might have lazed around or eaten a lot of junk during the winters, but fortunately summer is here and it’s time to shed off those extra pounds you added over the winter. It is being noticed that people tend to lose more weight during summers. Remember a weight loss plan is made up of 80 % diet plan and 20 % workout plan. Therefore, you ought to control your diet. Eat a light dinner at night. Make sure that you eat your dinner at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. We’ve got some no-fail tips for you to lose weight, and feel more confident in summers… Learn more about java burn.

1. Go organic: The first  diet tip is to cut down the food you eat and go organic, which means eating more salads, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid oil, butter, ghee, cheese, and other fattening dairy products. Switch to green tea, mint tea or lemon tea, any tea is fine as long as you do not add milk and sugar to it.

2. No water weight: As winter season is dry, some quantity of water is stored in body to prevent dehydration. This is also a reason why we gain more weight in winters than in summers. But in summers, body sweats a lot thus body lose weight. You can drink more water without fears and lose weight easily in summer. These are the latest java burn reviews.

3. Stay away from temptations: Get temptations out of the home or office. This will limit those emotional binging moments. Stock up with fruits, veggies, yogurt, and other. Making small changes will help you reach your goals. Instead of ice cream, go for frozen yogurt. Replace your potato chips with baked chips.

4. Banish bloating: Take a tip from brides-to-be by abstaining from bloating foods, like beans and artificial sweeteners, for the next two weeks. Learn more bloating foods to avoid here. You can also use your meals to fight bloating, so fill your plate with summer fruits like watermelon, pineapple, papaya and peaches.

5. Soup delight: Experts say that soup is a great appetite suppressant as it has combination of liquids and solids that bust hunger. Eating soup before meals can help lower total calorie intake by about 20%. You can make it your main meal too!

6. Sensible eating: A great way to start adjusting to healthy eating is to not go mad all at once. As opposed to eliminating foods, try substituting it instead. When it comes to rice and pasta, opt for brown versions, as they are higher in fibre. The same goes for bread – swap the white bread for some whole meal; it tastes so much better with less calories! Try to eat fruit in between your meals to stop snacking on food that aren’t helping your waistline!

7. Emotional eating: There are days when we just feel down and don’t want to do anything but eat a tub of ice cream, devour a cake, or order a deep-dish pizza and watch our favourite movies. The key to dealing with emotional eating is to consciously take control of the situation. When you’re just about to delve into whatever you’ve chosen, walk away and run a bath, paint your nails, or simply step outside, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself if you really want to eat it.


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