10 healthy eating habits to get into

March 27, 2014

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Whatever your health goals are – losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, getting fitter or just improving your diet quality – it’s easy to get bombarded with conflicting information. Where do you start?

Healthy eating isn’t as complicated as it seems. It pays to focus most of your efforts on the aspects of nutrition that make the biggest difference long term, while getting bogged down in the small details may lead to confusion about the first step to take. Read more from this alpine ice hack.

No more procrastinating! Here are 10 healthy habits that you can easily get into.

1. Water with a twist

Keep a big jug of water in the fridge – add the juice from one lemon or lime, a couple of slices of cucumber and a few fresh mint leaves for a refreshing twist. Good hydration is important, and knowing that you’ve got a zesty drink already made up is a great reminder to keep you drinking throughout the day. Aim to finish your jug by the end of the day.

2. Say no to sausages

The snags come out when it’s barbeque weather, but they’re high in saturated fat, extremely high in salt and contain lots of other ‘fillers’ and additives. Try chicken breast marinated in lemon juice and fresh herbs or fresh minute steaks. Vegetable kebabs are also delicious chargrilled on the BBQ, and nothing beats prawns or a fresh fillet of fish.

3. Give natural yoghurt a try

A good-quality natural yoghurt with live cultures is great for boosting gut health. Choose an unsweetened variety, and add a tiny bit of honey or some fresh fruit to give it any sweetness you need.

4. Swap creamy desserts to fruity desserts

It’s okay to indulge every now and then, but if you really need to have something sweet after dinner why not try something fruity instead of ice cream? Try frozen fruit blend popsicles, fresh berries with a small dollop of sweetened cream cheese, or chopped fresh fruit with a dollop of natural yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. Check these alpilean reviews.

5. Make ‘buffed up’ sandwiches

A ‘buffed up’ sandwich is one that contains lots of fresh salad vegetables: grated carrot, rocket, baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, red onion, beetroot, etc. This kind of sandwich is much more filling and nutritious than one that just contains ham and cheese or other processed meat or spread.

6. Say yes to breakfast

Breakfast has been well established as an important healthy lifestyle habit. Try to prioritise breakfast – if you don’t, you’ll run out of time in the mornings and it won’t happen. This is how alpilean works.

7. Stick to the rule of twos

Too much alcohol can sap your energy, cause an intake of excess kilojoules (calories), deplete important energy-releasing B vitamins, and cause headaches and an inability to concentrate. Following the rule of twos is a great guide to alcohol consumption if you like to enjoy a drink. Learn more about male enhancement pills.

The rule of twos: “Two a day is plenty. Have two ‘miss a drink’ days a week. Two times two is a treat, and two treats a week is too many.”


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