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My Island Paradise

March 27, 2014

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A couple of weeks ago I was surprised with a little getaway from my husband to Rottnest Island. It’s a haven of white sand and turquoise seas, only a short ferry ride from Perth. We had a day to ourselves, no kids, just a couple of bikes and one whole island of perfect beaches to explore. We spent the day riding from beach to beach, awestruck by our surroundings as we played in the sand and sea. There was one beach in particular that really caught our attention. Little Armstrong Bay. The limestone was so bleached I felt almost as though I was on a beach in the Greek Islands. It was otherworldly. I felt so far away from my life and it’s daily routines. We actually got so caught up in the moment of this slice of paradise that we even missed our ferry back home! As we frantically rode our bikes back to the jetty we made it in the nick of time for the very last ferry that was leaving for the day! It wasn’t headed where we needed to go, but it was close enough, and on the mainland, so we knew it was a blessing. It was the most fun I’ve had in ages. Such an adventure. There was a part of me that was actually a little sad we made our ferry at all ;) I really fell in love with the idea of being stranded on the island ;)

Here are some photos we leisurely snapped throughout the day of this absolutely beautiful and very special place.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Outfit Details

Surprise Gauze Dress ~ Jen’s Pirate Booty

Large drop necklace in gold (silver), Circle of Life necklace, Rings ~ Anna Beck

Rings ~ Karen London Jewelry, Gold Midi RingsTorchlight Jewelry SOLD OUT Similar

Hat ~ Sportsgirl SOLD OUT | Similar style/colour from TopShop

Bikini ~ L Space ON SALE!!

Sunglasses ~ Similar style


A few bts snaps ;)
IMG_8059IMG_8233IMG_8071 IMG_8216IMG_8276


March 26, 2014

IMG_5443IMG_8832 IMG_5486 IMG_5291 IMG_5528

Hello lovelies!!!!!

Here’s all the details for my weekly ring inspiration or ringspiration as I like to call it haha! ;) (see below this post for links). Lately I’m in love with stacking lots of fine gold…so delicate and beautiful and stunning paired with some lace. In contrast I’m also loving my chunky vintage silver jewels with either a black and white palette or a vivid splash of colour.

I’ve had such a crazzzzzy busy week! Month! Year! Everything lately though has been pointing to the inevitable fact that I actually need to slow the F down. So with that in mind I’m taking a road trip down south to the magical town of Yallingup later this week for some beachside hanging, dolphin spotting, mermaiding R & R. I’m soooooo very excited!

If you find yourself in one of these overwhelmed states, it’s time to take a break, slow down, breathe, tell yourself it’s all ok. Do something really nice for yourself. Or simply go make yourself a cup of tea and bliss out in nature. I intend to have many cups whilst I slow down my pace and refill my love cup ;)

Sending loving vibes your way,

Helen xx


First picture

Prairie Lace dress ~ Spell Designs

Gold Wire Wrap Rings ~ Kami Lerner

Gold midi rings


Second Picture (listed from left to right)

Left hand ~ Pinky ring, Kasuni ring, Free People Shapes midi ring, Open bar ring, Barrington ring

Ring hand ~ Axiom ring, Kami Lerner Wrap rings, Amelia wrap ring, Alexa ring, Vida ring, pinky ring

Most of these rings are from Amarilo Jewelry


Third Picture

Moon Phase Hot pants ~ Teeki

Rings ~ Kami Lerner Above the knuckle wrap ring, Torchlight Jewelry Thunderbird ring, Free People shapes midi ring, Kami Lerner Wire wrap mid finger, Gold midi rings, Brooke Persich


Fourth Picture

Nostalgia Top ~ Ixiah

Leather Skirt ~ Kivari

Morrison Belt ~ Stone Cold Fox X LuvAJ

Rings ~ Child of Wild Turkish Shield rings, Vintage Elephant ring SIMILAR, Sunahara turquoise midi ring

Bangles ~ Sunahara

Ani Necklace ~ Lost Lover


Fifth Picture

Backdrop ~ Ethi Collective Hanneli Huipil Overnighter PERFECT for the road trip lovers! xx

Bracelets ~ Free People Harper Stone cuff, Free People Electric Stone bangle set, Lost Lover Nepalese Bracelet, Sunahara bangles

Rings ~ Sunahara turquoise midi ring, Vintage elephant ring SIMILAR, Lost Lover Nepalese ring




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