Blue Crush

November 19, 2013

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There was a time once where I thought that me and blue just didn’t work together. And maybe we never used to, but everyday we change, and today, it’s my new crush. Every shade from indigo to aqua reminds me of the illusion of an endless sea and sky, and what I imagine the earth would look like from space. It’s calming, soothing, healing and pretty much exactly what I need after these last few weeks of craziness.

Even though life has been still crazy busy for me, I’m finding my bliss amongst it all. My darling daughter who was sick is now thankfully better, though my 4 year old son now has the chicken pox. And today I anticipate the results of my brain and spinal MRI with everything crossed that I am ok. And even though these feel like things to worry about, and perhaps not the most pleasant events to deal with, they are definitely not the worst things in the world. And I can’t help but feel so immensely grateful for all I have in my life. I wouldn’t change it at all. I have the most loving relationship a woman could ask for. I fall even more madly in love with my husband every day. As for my children..…there is no measure on the amount of love my heart can feel for these angels. They are everything to me. I live in a beautiful city, full of sunshine, close to magnificent beaches that reflect all the shades of blue I’m so in love with right now. I have all the resources I need, a loving, supportive network, beautiful friends, a place to call home, and so much more. I am alive and breathing in love and gratitude for each moment. Imagine if you could relive today all over again. What would you do differently? Would you stop and slow down to absorb all the beauty of every moment? We so often rush through life, often missing it entirely. Everything you will ever need is right here in this very moment. It’s always been there, and will continue to be there for you. Abundance is a state of mind.

I hope to inspire you today to look at all the magic in your life. Everything you love. Forget listing the things that you don’t like, or aren’t working for you. Just keep bringing your focus back to all that is fabulous. And keep pushing that brain of yours to think of more, even when you think you’ve thought of everything. It’s like exercising a muscle, it takes practice. I’m off now to start a gratitude list and I’d be soooo happy to hear some of yours here in the comments section.

Sending you all mountains upon mountains of love today,

Helen xxxx

Outfit Details

Ulani Mini Dress, Akina Kimono (Ocean), Indu Agate Necklace, Bracelet ~ Myee Carlyle All 3 beautiful creations can be purchased as a bundle at a discounted rate HERE xx

Turquoise rings/cuff ~ Spell Designs

Moon Lovers Bracelet ~ Child of Wild

Silver Rings ~ Vintage, Ichu Jewellery, Children of Flowers, Heart Majestic

Summer Fedora ~ Seed Heritage

Photographer ~ Bobby Bense

Model/Stylist/Creative Direction ~ Helen Janneson Bense

Location ~ Sorrento beach, WA


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