New World

July 2, 2013


Blinded by the light of a billion stark white grains of sand

Cascading, rippling, ever in motion

As though the earth itself was breathing

A contrast of never-ending blue

My heart skips a beat as I awaken to a new world


Transported by my senses, I found myself in a reality so far removed from the one I currently live in. Surrounded by sand dunes and blue skies that seemed to go on and on, I let myself drift to this other worldly realm. The sounds of my drumming, the hum of the earth and the moving sand beneath my feet all played their part in the orchestra of this new world.

I flowed like the gentle breeze, aware of the boundlessness of this space, knowing this new expansion was now a part of me forever.

Adorned in pieces of art from Myee Carlyle, Wolftress, Wild Heart Jewellery, Heather Gardner and The Feather Junkie. To me this whole outfit, style and landscape reflected my ability to create new realities and worlds within worlds.

I hope to inspire you today to imagine, dream, conjure, create anything your heart desires. To walk outside and look upon everything with new eyes.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Outfit Details

Akina Kimono in Smoke Ceremony ~ Myee Carlyle

Tibetan Horn necklace ~ Heather Gardner

Vanity necklace ~ Wild Heart Jewellery

Ancient Unity and Guardian Charms ~ Wolftress

Lola earrings (beige), What goes around bracelet (white) ~ The Feather Junkie

Crochet dress ~ Wish Designs from my wardrobe

Hoop drum ~ Channeled and created with love for me by Jozina’s Drums

Rings ~ Spell Designs Ichu Jewellery Lovisa

Anklet ~ Free People



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