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Melting into Bliss….

July 31, 2013

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My family and I were recently blessed with the opportunity to go on a 2 week holiday to beautiful Bali. We chose a quiet, cliffside haven in Uluwatu for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday…AND it was utter perfection!!! Seriously we could not be more grateful….totally blessed!!!!

My lovely photographer husband and I took many photos which I’d love to share with you all, along with some highlights of our adventures. This is part one of many more posts to come, where I hope to relive my holiday all over again :)

Straight off the plane we were instantly saturated by moisture, heat and the exotic smell of incense. Everywhere you go there are so many smiling faces, greeting you hands together with their beautiful namaste blessing. On this trip we drove for some time through tightly woven roads surrounded by tropical terrain. The refreshing smell of the ocean and frangipanis enlivened the senses. We arrived to the most majestic view of the coastline….it was as though it was thrust upon us so unexpectantly that we were completely overwhelmed with delight and awe, as though we were children once again. The refreshing ocean breeze balanced the heat creating the perfect summery retreat.

Each day we rested and watched the waves roll in from our cliffside balcony. We woke to the sounds of the waves crashing against the cliffs. A soothing meditative sound that lulled me to sleep and awakened me in the most gentle way. I was so mesmeriesed by the surf.  Nothing could drag me away from this little piece of bliss and this view. It took but only hours if not minutes of being in this environment for me to completely surrender and melt into bliss.

I’m more in love with Bali each and every time I visit. I notice and appreciate so much more of this island paradise. This is truly a magical place, one that I look forward to revisiting again and again. And I hope I inspire you to visit this part of Bali too :)

Outfit details

Lombard dress ~ Tysa Designs

Amazon Shores necklace ~ Soul Makes Jewelry

Peruvian bangle ~ Arrow Divine

White Flight bracelet ~ Rico Designs

Turquoise buddha bracelet ~ Nik Dreamer

Luna bracelet ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

Turquoise charm bracelet ~ J-line designs

Rings ~ Spell designs, Hunter Gatherer Jewellery

Cowrie Shell hat ~ Hope and May


Anantara Resort and Spa – Uluwatu 

Pillar of Strength

July 8, 2013


Within my very core

Resides a yearning of my soul

To be true and authentic

With vulnerable strength and the courage to be imperfect

I embrace the light and the shadow

Leaping into the unknown 

We spent a beautiful day shooting within the golden arches at the historical University of WA. Overlooking the Swan river, on sacred Noongar land, this space is full of art and inspiration.

As I stood within the concave arches I naturally began to spiral within. Time slowed and my mind quietened to an almost dreamlike state. In awe of the artistry around me, I was lost in discovering symbolic meaning in my surrounds. The large limestone pillars reminding me of my inner strength. My inner vulnerablity. The courage to simply surrender the thoughts of who you think you are supposed to be, and to simply be who you are. To be with your emotional state no matter how uncomfortable that may be, to allow all shadows and light the same voice. One of my favourite TED talks by the amazing Brene Brown touches on this brilliantly and I’d love to share this with you today. I’m forever inspired by Brene Brown, I watch this talk regularly for the loving reminder of the power and strength that comes from vulnerability. It always leaves me in tears, though it fills my heart with love and hope.

I hope to inspire you to share your vulnerability, share your truth, your essence, never be afraid to be who you are, never let your light be dimmed by another or your own self-judgements. Remember you are enough, you are worthy, you are magnificent, you are love. You are. And I am.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Nila neckpiece and Satya handpiece ~ Haati Chai (Both are ON SALE too!!!)

Nightfalls leather skirt, Solitude bag ~ Kivari

Ethiopian base metal necklace (worn as bracelet) ~ Heather Gardner

Felt fedora ~ Kookai

Crop top ~ Cameo from Billie and Rose

Thunderstruck cuff ~ Spell Designs

Rings ~ Kamilerner from The Trend Boutique, The 2 Bandits


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