The Cosmic Serpent

June 18, 2013

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Carrier of ancient wisdom, mirror of the starry cosmos

Infinitely weaving, shedding, transforming, renewing the cycle

Cosmic Serpent, I thank you for reminding me we are all interconnected and one.

A mystical day spent at the Serpentine Falls here in WA. As I sat on a boulder overlooking the cascading waterfall, silent, still and ever so present and connected with this landscape, the mythical cosmic serpent awakened. As Joseph Campbell once said “The basic theme of mythology is that the visible world is supported and sustained by an invisible world.” Connected to the invisible world, I felt the serpent rise and the absolute oneness of all. The illusion of ever being alone vanished. I lay on the smooth stone boulders and felt mother earth’s heartbeat beneath me, I drew in the warmth and light from father sun above, and I revelled in the music of trickling water and wildlife all around me. I felt all duality slowly fade. The cosmic serpent curled like a spiral representing a circular being, interconnected, whole and one.

On this very beautiful sunny day, in this magical place, I chose to share some of my favourite pieces of handmade art.  My stunning dress and kimono, both from All That Remains, a conscious clothing company who create magical pieces with heart. I have found that that each piece carries it’s own special energy and high vibration, as handmade items so often do. My amazing feather earrings from The Feather Junkie reminded me of the cosmic serpent. Without even knowing it, my outfit had embodied the essence of this land and my connection with it.

I hope to inspire you to take time out to connect with nature, for in doing so we deepen our connection with ourselves and the great mother, to which we are all one and the same.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Magic Theatre Dress, Girl we couldn’t get much higher Kimono ~ All That Remains

Lola earrings, Put the Lime in the Coconut earrings, What goes around bracelet ~ The Feather Junkie

Bicolour Bag, Silver tribal cuff ~ The Boho Bazaar

Lotus love bracelet, Luna bracelet ~ Penny for Your Thoughts Jewellery

Rings ~ Wild Heart Jewellery, Ichu Jewellery, Zoe and Morgan, Vintage, Mania Mania, Free People

Foot chain/anklet ~ Free People

Bone and Feather Necklaces, Stag Kimono ~ Spell Designs

Little Hippie Hat ~ Fallen Broken Street from Unplugged Byron Bay

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