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A day in the valley…

May 20, 2013


This glorious sunday my husband and I ventured off to the Swan Valley here in WA. A wine region only 30 min away and full of natural beauty…and wine…and chocolate! What’s not to love hey ;) We set off with no plan, driving with the idea of enjoying a slow brunch and letting the day naturally unfold.

First we stumbled upon a brewery we’d heard about before. We sat down for brunch. It was a tad cold, and uncomfortable. The waitress was not unfriendly, just straight to the point. No breakfast food, only lunch. We were so in the mood for breakfast but thought ok we’ll be flexible. It’s all good. We were just happy to be out and have a much needed break. I tried to order chai. No chai. I ordered some english breakfast tea. No soy. They just don’t do it. I stopped for one moment, totally ok with what they had to offer and where I was. I took a deep breath before I went on to order something else…and just before I spoke, the waitress turned to us and said, if you want brunch food and chai, there is a gorgeous local cafe only 2 minutes from here with a garden and the best vego food ever! It didn’t even take a moment before we were up and driving there, grateful to this woman for sharing and her honesty. And seriously WOW. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but this cafe was the BOMB! We entered into this garden of eden, greeted by the kindest wait staff, served the most spectacular healthy fresh natural food, with every option you could ask for….even almond milk, raw cakes and real chai! I was soooo beyond happy. As we sat and enjoyed our brunch we couldn’t have even envisioned it would be this good. Just then as our smiles were beaming and the sun was filtering through the red autumn leaves, a guitarist started playing some soft soulful tunes and humming in the most beautiful serene way. Induced into a meditative state we enjoyed one of our longest and best brunches ever. One that will definitely go down in history for us. Everything was so magical about this place, truly out of this world. And I think it was just perfect to experience the first place in order to truly appreicate the unique and special qualities of the second. And to really honour what suits us. We would never have found this slice of heaven if it weren’t for stopping at the brewery. Total gratitude for it all.

After brunch we mosied on to Sandalford winery, tasted mouth watering wines and snapped pics as we frolicked in the vines and autumn leaves. Such a glorious autumn day full of sunshine and vibrant colour. Before we knew it 5 hours had passed and it was time to head home and relieve the babysitter. We seriously must have been at brunch for well over 3 hours! It was just the most relaxing, timeless respite us busy parents needed to recharge.

With gypsy love n light,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Wild and Free Dress ~ All that Remains from Gypsy Stone Email either to go on the wait list or preorder this dress

Faux fur go scarf (natural beige) ~ Unreal Fur

Little Hippie Hat (Beige) ~ Fallen Broken Street from Unplugged Byron Bay 

Mabel fringe bag ~ Witchery (from last season)

Boots ~ La Herlen from Hobbs 

Rings ~ Luv AJ from The Trend Boutique, Cleopatra’s Bling Quartz Cluster ring, Half turn Open ring from The 2 Bandits 

A Mother’s Love

May 15, 2013

IMG_1131IMG_0972IMG_8986IMG_8982IMG_0964IMG_8975IMG_8939IMG_8979IMG_8944IMG_9038IMG_9042IMG_9196IMG_9035IMG_9012IMG_9050IMG_9052I’m still riding the high from Mother’s Day. I awoke to flowers, chocolates, cuddles, I love you’s, breakfast, kisses, tea, cards, presents, candles and sweet loving messages on the buddha board. It’s always so lovely to receive gratitude for all you do as a mother. I still remember how my heart grew exponentially the moment I knew there was a little angel growing inside me. Now I’m blessed with 2 angels who are my greatest teachers in life. I can’t thank them enough for bringing so much love and joy to my heart. They are a constant reminder of all that I strive to be…joyful, childlike, honest, playful, unconditionally loving, present. And they are the clearest of mirrors, reflecting what is needed to bring me closer to a state of wholeness.

My beloved asked me what I’d like to do on this special day… heart instantly knew…the beach, the sun, music, family, dress ups, and I will wear my magnificent flower crown I was creating at that very moment. I will evoke the boho queen within and wear my crown with complete love and honour for myself. I read something very beautiful the other day “Mom, a title just above queen” I’m unsure who wrote this, but I LOVE it! Creating and adorning myself in an exquisite crown was so fitting for this day; sending a message to myself of how worthy I am. And how grateful I am for all I do and all I am. A gift to myself. I wore all of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe that bring this feeling alive in me…my All that Remains lace dress from Gypsy Stone, Emerald fringe kimono from Myee Carlyle, my precious jewels from Rico Designs, Spell Designs, Soul Makes and Penny for Your Thoughts Jewellery. And so much more.

So, very excitedly, we ventured to the Yanchep lagoon up north. A sheltered cove of blue/green water, miniature caves formed from years of erosion. I wished I was a fairy, small enough to live inside one of these caves. As I watched my children playing in them, I witnessed something magical… was as though time stopped for a moment. I saw my whole family playing as children. My husband laughing and taking photos as I frolicked in the sea and danced amongst the rocks, our children chasing birds, hiding in the caves, jumping in the water, squealing with delight. We spent the afternoon playing music, singing by the sea, and eating dinner on the harbour, as we enjoyed a magical sunset. It was the best mother’s day ever! And my heart just keeps on growing and filling deeper and deeper with more love each day :)

I hope you all had a fabulous mother’s day. And if for some reason you didn’t get the recognition you deserve, I say, give it to yourself. Pamper yourself and go plan something special just for you…or make yourself a flower crown :) You are worth everything and magnificent simply because you are. Sending love always.

With gypsy love n light,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Such a special day deserved 2 outfits lol ;)

Outfit 1

Flower Crown ~ Fresh goldenrod and orchids made by me :)

Green Dust Necklace, White Flight Bracelet ~ Rico Designs (Check out there incredible new ‘Winter Solace’ lookbook here)

Fringe Flower Cape (Emerald) ~ Myee Carlyle

Mooloola dress from City Beach (an old piece from my wardrobe)

Turquoise thunderstruck cuff, 3 sisters ring ~ Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Uschi ring ~ Mania Mania from Behind the Monkey

Cosmic Lover bracelet ~ Soul Makes Jewelry

Kartique vintage ring ~ Kartique here is something similar from Gypsy River

Eagle and the Mermaid necklace, Kokomo bracelet ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

Outfit 2

Wild and Free Lace Dress ~ All the Remains from Gypsy Stone Contact either for preorders or remaining stock

Tribal Crescent necklace ~ Chibi Jewelry from The Trend Boutique

Gold Filled Wire Wrap ring ~ Kami Lerner from The Trend Boutique

Half turn open ring ~ The 2 Bandits

Sunni ring ~ Alushia Sanchia ON SALE!

Bella headpiece ~ Hard Couture from Free People


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