As the sun kissed the moon…

January 24, 2014

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So many hours I’ve spent watching the sun set and moon rise, and you know it just never gets old. It’s my idea of magic! It’s a form of meditation. It’s a beautiful way to give thanks to gaia and enjoy all her beauty.

Now I find myself sharing my love of the sun and the moon with my family. We often drive to the beach to simply watch in awe as the sun says goodnight for the day. And if we are lucky, on those really special days, when the moon is full, we might just catch a glimpse of it rising low on the horizon.

Last week we were so lucky. It was a very windy sunset, though completely envigorating. The children frolicked and so did we :) and as the sun set we all felt the peace and calm wash over us. As we drove home we saw the full and bountiful moon sitting on the horizon as though the sun had just kissed it on it’s way by, fuelling it with beaming light to shine bright over the darkening sky.

A blissful and most beautiful way to spend an hour in the evening. Sometimes we can get so comfortable and habitual in our routines and patterns at home. These are the moments where I love to adventure out into nature and remember how amazing life is. You’ll feel your energy soar and your vibration return to love, as your entire energy field comes into alignment.

With love and gratitude xx

Outfit Details

Romantic Silk Kimono ~ Sea Dreamer

‘Jennifer’ Flower crown ~ Flower Gypsies

Cowrie Shell Bracelet ~ Road trip Jewellery

Shelleys Seashells Necklace ~ Navajo and the Runaway Stray

Amazonite/Aquamarine necklace ~ Be Jewelled – a beautiful gypsy who creates magical adornments travelling the east coast markets…keep an eye out for her at the markets…she’s divine! x

Ocean spiral bracelet ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

Gypsy coin anklet ~ Victory Jewelry

Rings ~ Urban Gypsy designs, Mermaid by Hand Jewelry

Tunic ~ Metalicus (old school piece picked up at a thrift store)

Shorts ~ Volcom

Embrace Freedom Crop ~ Arnhem Clothing

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