Graceful flow

November 14, 2013


“Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centred by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate” ~ Zhuangzi

It’s been a crazy week here in our household…….There I was trying to juggle a million projects at once, my husband busier than ever with his ever expanding business, and our darling children came down with the chicken pox. At some point in my sleep deprived state, between the midnight chicken pox baths and trying to keep on top of analysing test results, I realised I had lost my centre. I was feeling over stretched and under resourced, and my precious love cup was running on empty. In that late night stressed to my eyeballs moment, I knew that all I could do was breathe, and accept the moment for what it was. I found kindness and compassion for myself, and stopped looking toward all that lay ahead of me. The future is not written and did not matter now. And in that moment I felt an overwhelming peace wash over me. I felt warmth and love fill my body and soul. My busy mind shut off.

The next morning I packed up my camera and headed for some quiet, peaceful time at the beach. And it was absolutely amazing. From that day I spent almost every day at some point back at the beach. As I watched the waves roll in I was reminded of the flow of life and moving along with the currents, no matter where they might take me. This little trip was the first of more to come that brought me back to my centre. I was blessed to be wearing beautiful clothing and jewels from one of my favourite designers, Myee Carlyle. My next few posts will be a continuation of my unfolding, as I returned to the graceful flow of life.

Here’s to being easy on ourselves and riding along with currents of life.

With love and deepest gratitude,


Outfit Details

Ulani Mini Dress, Akina Kimono, Lady of Yue Crystal necklace, Clear Quartz Talisman necklace ~ Myee Carlyle

Bracelet/Cuffs ~ Rico Designs, The Boho Bazaar, Child of Wild (worn as anklet)

Rings ~ Howlin Wolf, Wild Heart Jewellery, Mania Mania, Vintage

Straw Panama Hat ~ Sportsgirl



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