Sea of Love

October 1, 2013

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A trove of treasures

tossed and washed ashore

moulded and shaped

by the oceans relentless roar

a creation of sacred beauty

of legend and folklore

she brings forth her bountiful gifts

in gratitude we adorn

I remember as a young child I was fascinated by the ocean, by all the seashells and mermaid tales. I was always around water as a child. My father regularly took me fishing, my mother shell collecting and my sisters chaperoned me to the beach whenever the weather was hot. I was blessed to have nature thrust upon me at such a young age. I wasn’t a child who spent their time watching tv or playing video games. I was always outdoors, imagining, creating magical dreams and fairytales. Drawn to myths, legends and fantasy, my daydreams were as wild as my actual dreams. My appreciation for mother earth and the sacred began at this early age and I’ve always drawn great joy and presence in the simplest of things – studying the fantastical geometry of a sunflower, watching ants carry crumbs for hours on end, endlessly searching for rocks in the hope that one might be a magical crystal, and forever will I be mesmerised by the beauty of a seashell….something so perfectly created, always wondering about it’s journey and all the places it has been.

With summer on it’s way I’m brought back to my love of all things tropical. The beach, the ocean, mermaids and shells. We were blessed over the weekend with one glorious warm day, perfect for a family beach frolic. We photographed these 2 outfits throughout the day, as we lazed and played in the sand and sun.

I hope to inspire you today to rediscover the childlike joy in those magical moments spent in nature. You only need to walk outside of your home to find your little piece of heaven and enter an entirely other world. Dream up stories and allow your imagination and fantasies to run wild and be free.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit 1

Abalone Shell breastplate necklace ~ Torchlight Jewelry

Emerald Waters Kimono ~ Myee Carlyle

Guerilla Crop ~ Stone Cold Fox

Ocean Spiral and Luna bracelets ~ Penny For Your Thoughts Jewellery

Cosmic Lover bracelet ~ Soul Makes Jewelry

Rings ~ Spell Designs, Laura Shipp Jewellery, Heart Majestic, Ichu Jewellery from Silver Squirrel, Vintage

Summer Fedora ~ Seed

Trashwhores ~ One Teaspoon

Boots ~ Mollini

Outfit 2

Honolulu Cowrie Shell necklace/bracelet ~ RoadTrip Jewellery

Meadows of Lace slip dress ~ Free People

Embrace Freedom Crop ~ Arnhem Clothing

Boho feather necklace ~ Heather Gardner

Rings ~ Anna Beck Jewelry, Cleopatra’s Bling, Spell Designs, Hunter Gatherer Jewellery, Sunahara

Luna bracelet ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

Little Hippie Hat ~ Fallen Broken Street



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