Woman of the Woods…

June 10, 2013

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Entranced and sheltered she walks amongst the tall lean trees.

Sunlight filters through the canopy, shining upon the soft bed of pine needles, glistening in dewdrops from the early rains.

The fresh scent of pine lingers in the air, along with the memory of mysterious, haunting stories untold.

Her eyes full of heart and wisdom beyond her years, giving away the secrets of  lifetimes past.

Safe and cocooned, cradled by the enclosed formation of the trees, the woman of the woods rests her weary soul.

My ancestors are forest dwellers. Originating from Finland, I find myself drawn to and at peace in the woods. They form a shield to the outer expanse, quietening my mind, and¬†drawing me to my inner core. I’ve always believed that the landscape plays a part in forming the psyche of different cultures. To dwell in the forest land brings a quiet, observing state. Like the lone wolf I wander ever so gently, withdrawing to a place deep within, always maintaining a watchful eye of my surrounds.

Inspired by my lineage and my love of the sacred forest I journeyed there on this radiant wintery day. A fortuitous break in the winter rains brought light and warmth to this dark place. I found myself held, nurtured and deeply comforted by the warmth of this space. The primal woman in me raged at first, releasing all that was preventing me from total presence and stillness. I screamed and howled like the wolf. I released and let go. I found myself renewed, clear, emptied, with so much space to roam around within and just be. I imagined this forest was my home, gathering sticks I created a sacred tipi. I sat within this space, very still and peaceful, aligned and connected to my higher self and the great mother. An open and protected channel of pure love. My soul rejuvanated.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Hand carved Om Skull ~ Shikoba

Casa bag ~ The Boho Bazaar

Spanish Lace Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress ~ Chaser from Revolve Clothing

Pyrite Vagabond necklace ~ Torchlight Jewelry from Sugar High Love Stoned

Pocahontas Princess necklace, Hanalei Cowrie Shell Necklace, Storm Chaser scarf ~ Spell Designs

Faux Fur scarf ~ Unreal Fur

Arm candy ~ Nik Dreamer, Soul Makes Jewelry, Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery, Code Love Jewellery, Vintage

Leather Lace cuff ~ Heather Gardner

Rings ~ Alushia Sanchia, The 2 Bandits

Handmade crochet tablecloth ~ my mum :)



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