The Little Things…

June 4, 2013

IMG_2396 IMG_2377IMG_2404 IMG_2394 IMG_2385IMG_2412 IMG_2378 IMG_2359IMG_2340 IMG_2364 IMG_2357IMG_2370 IMG_2434 IMG_2321I’ve heard it said many times before that beauty is in the details…As someone who’s always had an eye for detail (that’s the virgo in me) I see beauty everywhere I look. As I’ve grown older, and hopefully a little wiser ;) I’ve stepped back from the details to see the bigger picture, from a more holistic perspective. Now I find this incredible balance of loving the little things, the most intricate of details, and discovering such awe and reverence for the larger, more macroscopic view of life.

Like the magical and sacred geometric patterns within the centre of the sunflower that ignite my curiosity, so do the patterns in the night’s sky…the giant suns billions of light years away. I’m in constant wonder as I witness the universe weaving it’s divine tapestry.

When I choose outfits, clothes and jewels to adorn myself, it’s not only the overall look that excites me, but the little details too…the ultra fine threads of silk and contrasting textures and colours within each piece of fabric, or the marbled patterns within gems and jewels. I can often get so caught up in the details that I forget about the whole outfit, each piece a wonderworld and story of it’s own. For me, the fun and art is in bringing all these precious creations together, to form their own collective. Enhancing one another, appearing as one seamless piece, the whole even more than the sum of it’s parts.

Today I hope to inspire you to discover the beauty in the details, and to allow your mind to broaden from the microcosm to the macrocosm and back again. This moving in and out always brings me to this place of complete reverence for life. I breathe it all in wonder, and I breathe out in gratitude.

With gypsy love n light,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Falling Water Kimono Amethyst Snake, Lisha leggings ~ Myee Carlyle

Signature Silk Cami ~ Tibi

Bijou de main and silver cuff ~ The Boho Bazaar

Gypsy Rock Pyrite bracelet ~ Soul Makes Jewelry

Bohemian Bardot ring ~ Samantha Wills

Around the World – First Class necklace ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

La Herlen boots ~ Hobbs

Fedora Hat ~ DKNYIMG_8963



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