Return to Heart

April 29, 2013

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A regenerating spiral, never-ending, constantly rippling onwards unto infinity. This is love.

Return to heart…it’s like coming home. A place inside you that is in total harmony. When I connect to this place it reminds me of being a child again. It’s relaxing, warm, joyful. I make it my daily task to return to my heart space, to remember my magnificence exists simply because I do…nothing more. I can love who I am no matter what…the true essence of unconditionality.

Earlier this week I found, or more like, this lace kimono found me….it truly felt that way. Amongst so many garments it stood out in the racks, all on it’s own, folded over itself on a hanger. It’s light was a beacon to me and as light attracts light, and love attracts love, it was inevitable that this piece of art and I would find one another in this space. The moment I put it on I knew it was coming home with me.

The intricate, delicate, yet sturdy lace design reminds me of the beauty of my wedding dress. Hand made and so unique, it has a romantic quality to it that easily transports one into the heart. The flowing fringe makes you feel as free as the eagle that soars with presence and joy high above. I knew exactly where I was going to photograph this beauty…it could only be one place.

Encased within a spiral mosaic, surrounded by perfectly worn down limestone walls and an arch that stands as an altar and monument to this magical space. This natural sculpture opens up to a contrasting backdrop of sea green ocean and blue skies. A place so exposed to the elements, yet it feels so protected when you are within it. It reminds me of my heart space, where only love resides. Many winding paths spread out from this epicentre, like arteries and energy channels. One of these heart channels leads to the magical sundial and makes the perfect aisle.

This is the place where my husband I were married. Each time we revisit it we connect deeply with one another and that commitment we made in this space. It creates an energetic footprint of love that we will continue to fortify as our love grows and grows.

Today I spread my love from within myself through all channels to all beings and beyond. I hope you feel it reach you and experience the return to heart.

With love n light,

Helen xx

Girl we couldn’t get much higher Lace Kimono ~ All That Remains Love from Billie and Rose

Chateau 1 piece (bronze) ~ One Teaspoon

Smokey Joe Crochet shorts ~ Spell and the Gypsy Collective from Lexi & Roy

Pocahontas Princess Necklace (cream with white stones) and Hanalei Petite Cowrie Shell necklace ~ Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Triple Bandit Bow cuffs, Open canoe paddle ring (baltic amber), Marfa ring ~ The 2 Bandits

Double Cut out Ring ~ Luv AJ from The Trend Boutique

Cowrie shell ring ~ Hunter Gatherer jewellery

The Little Indian Hat (Beige) ~ Fallen Broken Street

Feather Earring ~ Jai n Lily Earrings



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